Thursday, June 4, 2015

Installing Sod

Who wants SOD?

wanted to share this video below of my sod installation last summer. The sod is holding up pretty nicely. It's very green and no weeds. So I'm extremely happy.

My brother and his family came over to help rotor till the front yard. This is definately not a one man job. So if your going to install sod, gather up the troops. Unfortunately we don't have pictures of this part.

I purchased my sod at Tabernacle Farm in Tabernacle, NJ and the price was good and delivery was fast! The price of the delivery was so cheap I could not pass it up. The delivery guy asked if I had ever laid sod and when I stated no, he happily started the flow for me. He said to stagger the sod and keep it going.

Before you are able to dig into your lawn you should make a call to the Before You Dig number. I live in New Jersey so I'm not sure about the rules in other states, but here is the link: to enable safe digging. They will come out and mark lines as to where hidden underground wires or lines are placed. Sometimes flags are placed on the soil. This is a free service to home owners who will be digging. So take advantage of the free service.

Unfortunately, Comcast did not come out to mark the cable so we mistakenly cut your cable....sorry neighbor. They were really nice about what happened so we quickly fixed the line, but it was only temporary. Because they never came out to mark the yard, I was not responsible for the repair so it was repaired for free. Yay!

You should water the lawn immediately after installation but mother nature was so good to me that week that she rained constantly for two weeks which helped me out in two ways. Free water and it saved me money on my water bill. Double Whammy!

To date, the lawn is the greenest in my area. I love it and it was totally worth manual labor.


Thank you to all the people who helping me. I truly appreciate it!! I am not in no way advertising for Tabernacle Farms but just sharing my personal experience with their product.  Shoot me any questions you may have. I love talking about my sod :)

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