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Hi! thanks for stopping by. I'm Jessica, single mom of 2 great kids. I'm a girly girl but I am also the alpha male in my house. I love to create paper crafts with my StampinUp products, love to save money with my DIY projects but most of all I LOVE being a MOM!

I always loved the fact that people can write about projects that are in process, their daily lives with their loved ones, ability to write and share your personal thoughts and experiences throughout your day. I decided to blog because for some odd reason there is always something going on in my life from being hectic to just relaxing in the yard. Always one extreme to the next. Either its one episode or another. I am a huge DIY'er. I am always on Pinterest, Houzz or even surfing online looking for project ideas and reading about other bloggers amazing creations to learn and even replicate for my own home.

For me blogging is a way to escape the stress in life. I can vent about my day, and/or I can share my joyous occasions and eventually have fellow blogging friends. I currently have a few projects going on that I would love to post soon. One thing I am finding out, blogging is a lot of work but it provides a huge self reward.

I'm a new blogger so I wouldn't mind some constructive criticisms to improve my site and my blogging abilities. Please be nice to the newbie. :) I have recently meet an amazing man in which he took me on my first vacation out of the beautiful USA. I have attached a great video of my most recent trip to Mexico. Even though I had a great time vacationing, I missed my family and was happy to be back home. I am ready for my second trip. Wonder where we will go next? Thank you for visiting my blog!
So let's experience some fun together and take a journey


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